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Fitness is in Teagen Rose’s blood.

With obesity at an all time high and young people becoming increasingly sedentary, the local 23 year old, A native of Alvin, Texas,Rose has been committed to maintaining his physique from a very young age.

“Growing up, I was always very concerned about having a six-pack, at age 13 I remember stepping on a scale daily, and watching what I was eating as well. The seed was kind of planted in me by wanting to see how far I could go. My interest in fitness led me to playing football which really instilled the mental discipline that i have today.” Teagen excelled on the the field and it was the sport of football that led to Teagen’s discovery of his passion for fitness training.
Rose was adopted at the age of 8. His father, who is Caucasian, also adopted three other boys from underprivileged backgrounds who were of African American and Hispanic descent.
One of his brothers suffered from severe obesity and died from a heart attack in his sleep in 2004 at the age of 23, leaving two young children behind, marking a turning point for Rose.
His brother’s unfortunate and untimely death hit the family hard.
“It had a definite impact on my commitment to fitness, To see one of your own trapped as a prisoner in their own body, and for the worse possible out come to happen is gut wrenching” says Rose.
Not only did his brother’s death solidify his own resolve to remain fit, it sparked a desire in the teenager to help others get in shape.
After graduating from high school, Rose describes an “Aha” moment he experienced working at a local Cheesecake Factory. “I was cleaning one of the booths at work when I asked myself, ‘is this really what I want do, is this all that life has to offer for you?’” says Rose.
His epiphany led him to have a heart to heart talk with his father about his future. Aware of his son’s obsession with fitness, his father encouraged him to consider becoming a personal trainer and help others.
“I said Cool, I’m going to try that,” says Rose.
In 2009, after becoming certified as a personal trainer, he began working at a local 24-Hour Fitness and soon began entertaining the idea of establishing his own fitness brand with encouragement from friend Irwin Daniels.
One of his greatest desires is to reach kids so they can develop good fitness habits and carry that mindset into adulthood and pass it on to their own kids, says Rose.
“It’s all about planting that small seed,” says the Alvin native. “If I can plant that seed in children the way it was planted in me at a young age the sky is the limit.
“I feel that when you find that good healthy balance between working out 30 minutes at least three or four times a week is when you’ll really find yourself successful in your fitness goals,” says Rose.
“I would like to see everybody embracing fitness as a way of life. I would also like to have my fitness movement spread across the nation . I would like to leave a legacy of changing people’s lives and be remembered as doing something that has been around, but doing it in a different way,” says Rose.
But his ultimate goal for the future is simple.
“If I can keep one person from passing away as my brother did, I know that my mission is accomplished,” says Rose.